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Kids aren’t simply little adults. When they need medical care, they deserve the time and attention of a provider dedicated to understanding their unique needs. Pediatrics specialists with West Tennessee Medical Group are here to provide that.

Pediatric Care That Grows as Your Child Does

While our health and wellness changes throughout life, it changes most rapidly during childhood and adolescence. During this time period, kids grow and develop. This includes physical development as their bodies grow, mental and emotional development as they feel and evolve as people, and cognitive development as they learn.

Providing medical care for a group of people who are constantly growing and evolving requires medical services that evolve, too. Our full team of pediatric providers has specialized training in growth and development, allowing them to make recommendations and offer treatment plans that change as your child grows.

Child smiling at physician while physician listens to her heart.

A Full Spectrum of Pediatric Care

When you think about seeking medical care for your child, helping him or her overcome an illness may come to mind first. Providing care during an illness is certainly one aspect of the pediatric care we provide.

But those illness-related visits are only part of the care we provide our pediatric patients. We’re also here to offer support during times of wellness, with a goal of helping your child stay healthy over time. We offer many supportive services, including routine checkups, sports and school physicals, lab work, and routine immunizations.

West Tennessee’s First Choice for Pediatrics

When your child needs a developmental checkup or has an injury or illness, you don’t want to have to travel far to get the care he or she needs. West Tennessee Medical Group offers multiple locations strategically placed around our communities—ensuring you can find the care your child needs close to home.

When you turn to West Tennessee Medical Group pediatric specialists, you have access to high-quality preventive and acute care for kids:

  • Access to after-hours advice and guidance, as needed
  • Illness- and injury-related care to handle acute health issues
  • Guidance for health in all areas of life, including gynecology as needed for adolescent girls and behavioral health services such as ADHD management
  • Preventive health services, including routine immunizations and developmental checkups
  • Recommendations on age-appropriate screenings, tests, and immunizations
  • Referrals to specialists when needed
  • Well visits for sports and school physicals

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